We are pleased to announce that Palladian Communications Specialists is launching the TRAVEL LAW FORUM 2018-Consumer Rights in digital era, under the auspices of the Greek Ministry of Tourism and in cooperation with the International Institute of Air & Space Law-University of Leiden and the Institute for Travel and Tourism in London. The Forum will take place at the N.J.V Athens Plaza in Athens, March, 16 2018.


The forum panels will include the following topics:
Panel I: Setting the scene – Airline liability: The most recent cases
The 1944 Chicago Convention forms the regulatory basis of international civil aviation and the primary source of public international law. In the field of air law, the 1999 Montreal Convention is the main instrument addressing the issue of liability in case of death, bodily injury, damage to baggage and goods, and delay, and providing protection for air passengers. Within the EU further protection is given by Regulation 261/2004 and the new Package Travel Directive 2015/2302/EU

PANEL II: Consumer rights- the suppliers’ and consumers’ perspectives
Between the aviation and the hospitality services providers and the users, it is usually the latter that are favored by regulatory provisions. Air transport providers and travel businesses are subject to stringent regulations when it comes to passenger rights, fare transparency and competition laws. Fierce competition and small profit margins seem to pressure the industry in Europe to undertake a race to the bottom with regard to pricing and labor conditions in order to meet the commercial demands of the sector.

Panel III: Shared economy platforms-Future trends
The travel industry is a dynamic sector, open to influence by current developments worldwide. Innovative technologies and modern economic models can easily find their way into the field of aviation and hospitality. The growing demand for custom services paired with the domination of electronic access on every aspect of financial life have led to the introduction of modern concepts, such as Airbnb, Uber and pilotless aircraft. Similarly, cutting-edge projects, such as suborbital flights, are promising affordable transportation in a fraction of the time.

Panel IV: Brexit
Brexit means that unless an agreement is reached, the UK will leave the internal market. This will have far reaching implications for the provision of air transport and hospitality services as well as for passenger and consumer rights.


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